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Long Live Bearings

Bearings in red light

Alright, fellow bikers! Let's talk about the most crucial part of our bikes that doesn’t always get the attention they deserve, bearings. Especially in winter, these bad boys are your bike's secret weapon for a smoother, more epic ride! Sit tight and dive into what makes bearings so important and why they should be top of your maintenance list. 

Privateer rider Fergus Ryan jumping E161

So what is so important about bearings?

1. Reducing Friction: Bearings are responsible for reducing friction between moving parts. In winter, when conditions are wet and muddy, well-maintained bearings allow the bike to roll smoothly, enhancing efficiency and conserving the rider's energy.

2. Protection Against Corrosion: Winter riding often exposes the bike to moisture, mud, and grit. High-quality bearings with effective seals help prevent water and dirt getting into the components. This protection is vital for the longevity and performance of the bike. 


3. Preserving Suspension Performance: Mountain bike suspension systems rely on bearings to function properly. Smooth, well-lubricated bearings ensure that shocks and forks operate as intended, providing the rider with optimal control and comfort on rough terrain. 


4. Maintaining Steering Precision: The headset bearings are critical for steering control. In winter conditions, maintaining precise control is even more vital due to slippery surfaces. Well-functioning headset bearings allow for responsive and accurate steering.

5. Longevity and Durability: Bearings that are well-maintained or replaced as needed help prolong the lifespan of the bike, reducing the likelihood of costly repairs in the long run. 

To round up, take care of your bearings!

We at Privateer Bikes chose larger bearings for the main rocker & main pivot to increase longevity. Why? Because large bearings can take a higher force before being damaged, ensuring a long service life. They also have larger balls in the bearing races meaning that if dirt does make its way in, relative to the size of the balls, it is small, and the bearing will still perform adequately. This is to increase longevity and durability.

Top tip: When your bearings are worn, just change them. No amount of grease will bring them back.

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