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Unlock new features with Shimano's 'Race Edition' update for Privateer E161

Whether you have just taken delivery of your new Privateer E161 or are currently hovering over the buy now button, we have some great news for you.

Shimano, the manufacturer of the EP801 motor and battery system in your E161, has released a firmware update that unlocks performance benefits and features that were once only available to pro riders and athletes!

The new update is available to all Privateer E161 owners and offers some impressive benefits for tackling steeper terrain, including punchier new options and customisations.

So, what exactly does the update offer?


A more aggressive Boost mode

Once updated, your Privateer E161 will benefit from higher assistance in Boost mode. You'll still get a maximum output of 600 watts, but the maximum assistance is now bumped up to 400%! What this means is the EP801 will add 4x the power you're generating, meaning faster acceleration and a snappier response. Best of all, the Boost feature is completely customisable in the Shimano E Tube App, so if 400% is too much, you have the option to reduce it. 

Increased overrun

One of the great benefits of the Shimano EP801 system in the E161 is overrun, a feature that allows the motor to keep working for a short time after the rider stops pedalling. The new update adds new customisable short, medium, and long overrun options, giving you the ability to fine-tune when and for how long the overrun will assist. This feature really helps on those really tricky tech climbs.

Riders also have the option to manually stop the overrun whenever they feel by pedalling backwards.

Customisable max speed cutoff

Another great feature of the latest update is that you can control when and how gradually assistance will shut off as you reach the legal max speed. What this means for the rider is that you can ease into max speed rather than hitting it suddenly, as was the default, and in essence, it gives a more natural ride feel.

So how do I get this update?

The best part of this news is that this update is available to all Privateer E161 owners now and for FREE! Riders who are confident in updating their EP801 system will be able to download and update their E161 via the Shimano E-Tube app using a WIFI connection (ensure your E161 battery is fully charged and you do not plug the bike in or turn it off while the update is performing).

Customers needing help updating their bike should seek assistance from their local Shimano dealer or contact us via the Rider Experience team.

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