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Privateer Gen 2 161 frameset in green
Privateer Gen 2 161 frameset in green
Privateer 161 Frameset
Privateer 161 Frameset
Privateer 161 Frameset
Privateer 161 Frameset

Privateer 161 Frameset

The Gen 2 Privateer 161 follows in the footsteps of the original, built to be ripped and raced out of the box and provide seasons of trouble-free hammering. The Gen 2 161 boasts our new A.L.P Suspension platform, offering 161mm of travel, with the option to over stroke the frame to 174mm.

As you would expect, the 161 is suited to riders spending most of their riding time racing enduros, hitting sketchy off-piste lines or lapping the bike park.

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Working closely with Fox, all Privateer 161 bikes and framesets use a custom-tuned Fox Float X2 shock to get the best performance from our A-L-P Suspension platform.

Fox Float X2 Privateer 161 Gen 2 bike


Gen 2’s flip chip increases the rear centre by +10mm from the standard length. Rear center adjustability allows you to customise your bike for your next race, uplift day, or a tight, twisty day at the trail center. Our flip-chip requires no additional hardware to adjust from 'normal' to 'long' settings, thanks to a cleverly designed reversible brake adapter mount.


Having the option to switch between a 29-inch rear wheel and a smaller 27.5-inch rear wheel on your Gen 2 bike is great way to dial in your bike to suit your riding preferences and terrain. Our flip-chip system allows riders to switch between wheel sizes without affecting the geometry or upsetting the balance of your bike.

(P1 complete bikes ship as a mixed wheel. P2-P4 ship in full 29". All sizes will accommodate 29" and 27.5" rear wheels. We will be offering unbeatable pricing on additional rear wheel options, complete with tyre and tubeless set up, when purchasing your Gen 2 so you can run your bike how you like from day one).

Privateer Gen 2 161 chainstay


Size-specific chainstays grow in length as reach increases on larger frames. This ensures the rider is perfectly balanced on the bike. We were one of the early adopters of size-specific chainstays, and we've carried this forward-thinking approach to geometry to our Gen 2 bikes.


Increase the number of balls by utilising space usually utilised by ball retainers, this allows for more load capacity than standard bearings and resists the high forces Privateer bikes were designed to withstand.

EnduroMax bearing next to a 50p
EnduroMax bearing next to a 50p
External cable routing on Gen 2 Privateer 161 headtube


Easy access hose and cable routing make maintaining and servicing your 161 bike nice and simple, and our secure cable/hose clamps ensure there is no unwanted rattle on the trail.


Our A-L-P Suspension platform uses an updated forged one-piece rocker. We forge our linkage as it creates a much stronger structure. Our bearing seats are machined with precision to ensure perfect bearing alignment to increase bearing life and enhance suspension performance.

Forged one piece rocker on Gen 2
Privateer 161 Gen 2 frame protection


The custom-designed chainstay and seat stay protectors prevent chain slap and rubbing, while a downtube protector guards against rock strikes, keeping your Privateer 161 quiet and minimising damage.


Bash guards and chain guides can take a beating on the trail, so to avoid any unwanted damage occurring to your 161 frame, we've built replaceable ISCG tabs with a keyed fitment to prevent movement even when ridden under the harshest of conditions.

Privateer 161 torque setting and rocker
Privateer 161 ALP Suspension Graphic
Privateer 161 ALP Suspension Graphic

As the development of Gen 2 kicked off, so did the discussion around adopting a new suspension platform. At the time, we saw a lot of interest in high-pivot, mid-pivot and 6-bar suspension designs. We evaluated each based on what we felt riders wanted from Gen 2 and came to the conclusion that an evolution of the Horst link platform offers the characteristics that we were after. While alternate platforms all have their benefits, Horst link offers highly customisable anti-rise and anti-squat values, enabling us to develop our highest performing kinematics and a consistent and predictable ride. Predictability is key! If you know exactly what to expect from your bike, you'll feel confident, and if you feel confident, you'll ride harder and faster.

Gen 2 bikes each feature the A-L-P Suspension (Aligned Linear Progression) platform, a system that has been designed to be super predictable and easy to ride hard.

When designing the suspension of Gen 2, we looked at 3 key areas, how they affect the ride of the bike and how we could design them to offer the predictability that we are after.

A-L-P Suspension offers a low force at the back wheel (a high leverage ratio) at the start of travel. This means it delivers excellent grip at the beginning of the stroke, and less force is transmitted to the rider, minimising fatigue while you're charging hard on trails. The high leverage ratio at the start also easily overcomes stiction in the shock seals for a coil-like feel even with an air shock. We've aimed for a leverage rate as linearly progressive as possible to offer predictability. The progression at the end of the stroke provides plenty of bottom out resistance, so when you're charging hard on unfamiliar trails, the bike will be able to take whatever you throw at it.

We wanted our Privateer 161 to offer a balance of chassis stability and braking traction so you can charge hard and know you can brake late with confidence. We also wanted A-L-P Suspension to behave consistently no matter where it is in the travel, so again, it builds confidence to ride hard, and you can focus on enjoying the terrain.

The A-L-P Suspension platform provides a great balance of pedalling support and traction in all gears so you can always get the power down efficiently. As you get into harder gears, the anti-squat increases, so when you're out of the saddle sprinting, you get the additional pedal support that you need. And again, that consistent anti-squat throughout the travel gives you that predictability that we're all after to ride as fast as we can!


6061-T6 Aluminium. 161mm Travel.


Fox Float X2 Performance Elite, Custom Tuned, 205 x 60.


FSA ZS44/ZS56 fully sealed cartridge bearings


Enduro Max Full Complement Bearings

Also Included

Seat Clamp
Rear axle
Flip chip hardware
Removeable ISCG Guide

Fox Logo

Working closely with Fox, we have been able to custom-tune the Fox Float X2 rear shock fitted to the Privateer 161 bikes and frames to make the most of our A.L.P. Suspension platform. As always, we've prioritised performance and build our 161 bikes with Fox Performance Elite suspension hardware, giving riders the the best dampers on the market without added expense.

Seen by dedicated riders from around the world as the ultimate aftermarket upgrade to any full suspension bike, Enduro Max bearings come as standard on all our 161 bikes; what's more, our full complement bearings feature more balls than standard bearings, for unbeatable load capacity and longevity.

Privateer 161 Gen 2 Geo chart
Privateer 161 Gen 2 Geo chart
privateer gen 2 141 sizing chart

Shock Tune

CLSSB002, RM003, Rezi BVMLHB04LF

Standard Shock Length

205 x 60

Max Rotor Size


Seatpost Diameter


Seat Clamp Diameter

34.9mm (35mm)


Max Post Insertion

P1 = 240mm
P2 = 260mm
P3- 290mm
P4 = 320mm



Max Fork Travel

200mm Dual Crown Forks

Max Chain Ring Size


Rear Hub Spacing

Boost 148mm

Rear Axle Size

180L, M12x1.75

Approx Weight

P2 - 4.83kg (without shock, axle, etc)



Torque Specs

Upper Shock mount - 12nm
Lower Shock Mount - 12nm
Upper Main Pivot - 18nm
Lower Main Pivot - 18nm
Seatstay/Rocker Pivot - 10nm
Dropout Pivot - 10nm



First Bearing: EnduroMax 61905 LLU
Second Bearing: EnduroMax 61902 LLU
Bushing: IGUS WFM-1214-06

Can I run a coil shock on my Gen 2 161 frame?
Yes, from a kinematic point of view. However we haven’t tried all coil shock designs to see if they will all physically fit. We do know Fox and Ohlins fit.

Can I overstroke my Privateer Gen 2 161 Frame?
The Gen 2 161 comes with a 60mm stroke shock as standard delivering 161mm of travel, however if a 65mm stroke shock is used travel increases to 174mm.

Can I fit a 161 link to a 141?
No, as the 141 and 161 frames are not identical the 161 link will not clear the 141 frame.

Can I use dual crown forks on my gen 2 161 frame?
Yes, Gen 2 Privateer frames are dual crown compatible.

Can I just order the frame set?
Yes, both Gen 2 models will be available as framesets and will include a rear shock, seat collar, ISCG mount, headset, axle and flipchip hardware.

Can I run a 29" rear wheel in a P1?
Yes, all sizes of Gen 2 bike can run either mixed wheels or 29" wheels.

Are the Gen 2 141 and 161 frames the same?
No, while they may look similar the 141 and 161 use different frame designs with different geometry, different suspension rockers and have different levels of travel.

Are all sizes 29"?
All sizes of Gen 2 141 and 161 are compatible with either 29" or mixed wheels. However P1 complete bikes will ship in a mixed wheel configuration. Customers will have the option of purchasing additional rear 29/27.5" wheels at checkout at a discounted price.

Is this bike UDH compatible?

No, during development we felt that Privateer riders would find an adjustable rear centre more suitable for their riding style, and so a decision was made at an early stage to focus on adjustability.  

Can I run SRAM Transmission?

No, for the same reason as above.

What is the max tyre width?
Gen 2 bikes have been designed to provide incredible mud clearance when used with 2.5in tyres.

Where can I order spares?

Spare parts will be available through the official Privateer Bikes websites.

Are tyres set up tubeless?

No, complete bikes come with inner tubes, but the wheels are taped and are ready to be set up tubeless.

What is my warranty?

The warranty if 5 years from the date of purchase and is available to the original owner only.

What tool can I fit in the tool mount?

We use a standard bolt pattern for our tool mount, so the only limitation would be the height of the tool. We haven’t tested every tool on the market but Topeak Ninja mount tools fit with plenty of clearance.

Can I run my Gen 2 full 27.5"?

Gen 2 bikes were designed to either be used in full 29" or mixed wheel (29" front, 27.5" rear). While they would fit, we have not tested Gen 2 bikes with 27.5" wheels front and rear.

We've taken every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information listed here sometimes things change so we reserve the right to change or update bike specifications, features, prices and colours as and when required.