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Slick and Slippery

Ali Baron tackling a muddy trail on a MTB

Fair weather riding isn’t a term that’s part of our vocabulary here at Privateer Bikes. With one of our offices located in the UK, we have to make the most of what we get, and right now we’ve got rain and mud.

After staring out of the window for too long, we decided to chuck a couple of bikes in the van, along with our resident shredder & Technical Product Manager, Ali Baron, and venture north. We wanted to pit the skills of Ali against the claggy trails of the Peak District, so we fitted him up with one of our Privateer 141 Ohlin’s (for testing purposes) and watched while he threw himself down everything Ladybower had to offer.

The result? Slick and Slippery

Mountain biker navigating down a windy trail
Mountain biker jumping his bike

On that particular trail there were some polished roots and slimy topsoil that no amount of my own talent could tame. But I felt confident straight away on anything else on the steep and techy side of Winhill. Normally that's right up my street and it was nice to jump on a bike with minimal set up and be happy to ride without much thought. That really matters to me, the less I have to think about the bike the better and it did the job that day very well."

Ali Baron

Ali shredding a trail
Sliding down a trail on a mtb
Mtber in the woods on a trail

"The 141 pedalled like a dream, steep seat angles reallly are what they're cracked up to be"

Ali Baron

the Privateer 141 Ohlins in front of a lake

Privateer Bikes

Ali Baron