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Emma Whyman

Ecommerce Manager

Having worked in ecommerce for over 18 years, Emma, an existing and very happy Hunt customer, was delighted to join The Rider Firm in 2020.

After finishing her degree, Emma had every intention of immersing herself in a publishing editorial role but fate said otherwise and a career in sales quickly evolved. Joining The Book People in 2003, she really only had an inkling of the sea-change that lay ahead. This was a pivotal time for ecommerce, as people shifted from buying via the phone and post to online. After 13 years spent there, growing sales, building a department and with proven success in creating profitable businesses and creating professional digital teams with a customer-centric outlook, Emma ventured out on her own.

Running her own ecommerce consultancy provided further valuable experience which she now brings to The Rider Firm where she is currently responsible for overseeing, leading and effectively managing the ecommerce business. An amateur triathlete and over-enthusiastic road cyclist, Emma loves nothing more than taking on her next athletic challenge – always back of the pack but always smiling.