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Here at The Rider Firm, our actions and decisions are guided by our company ethos, with an overarching goal of serving riders and doing all we can to be decent people. 

We believe that, in order to do right by our Rider Firm family, we must do right by our planet. This means doing all we can to create durable, well-engineered products from an ethical and sustainable supply chain. We have a long way to go, and humbly accept we can never be perfect in this respect. Nonetheless, we are working hard on the key areas below to cultivate a company that you, and we, can be proud of: 


  • Working to eliminate single-use plastics from our wheel boxes. 

  • Using greener sources of energy, and environmentally conscious office supplies where possible. 

  • Drastically reducing our use of air freight – and offsetting the remaining CO2 produced from shipping. 

  • Encouraging our Rider Firm family to leave the car at home, and cycle to work - we don’t need much encouragement...


  • Working with an audited supply base to make sustainable and ethically minded decisions across the board.  

  • Looking after the Rider Firm family across the business. 

  • Supporting causes that mean a lot to us through charitable donations and proudly sponsoring riders that stand for what we believe in. 


  • To continuous improvement and innovation. 

  • To minimize our impact on the environment and reduce our carbon footprint. 

  • To provide repair support wherever possible to prolong service life and minimise waste. 

Ultimately, we believe it’s all about respect. For our industry, for our people, and for our planet. The green revolution is pedal-powered, and if it can be on a heavy hitting Privateer, then even better!  

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